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Build your brand & engage the military community, advertise your products & services, run recruitment marketing campaigns, post jobs, and search veteran talent

The Military's Largest Social and Professional Network

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Nearly 2 million current and former service-members of the U.S. military gather to discuss military life, share information, and exchange stories.

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Build brand recognition 

among the military community across all devices

Sponsor newsfeed discussions among the military members most relevant to your brand

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Reach the military members by email newsletters with either Banners or Native ads

Message targeted segments of the military community with specific messaging

Members receive notifications and can view message within RallyPoint and within their email inbox

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Take the Guesswork out of Advertising

1.8M+ members and 7+ first-party data points on each member, including: Name, Email, Location, Branch, Rank, Specialty (MOS), and Military Status.

Our proprietary 'affinity' algorithm develops detailed multi-point interest profiles by monitoring members actual content consumption.

Like queries submitted to a search engines, questions asked on RallyPoint reveal members’ motives, interest, and plans.




RallyPoint represents an accurate cross-section of today’s active duty force and veteran communities. 

As a discussion platform catering to an audience with shared experiences, RallyPoint is able to achieve exceptional engagement rates.

VA Veterans Journey Map

RallyPoint member engagement throughout the journey

Talent Solutions

Maintain 1 job posting





Maintain 5 job postings


Custom Plan

Unlimited Job Posting (XML Feed)

Job Postings

Display your jobs to tens of thousands of qualified candidates each month and use our precision targeting tags to make sure your opportunity gets in front of the right veterans.

* job postings are a subscription based service which auto renew every 30 days until a request to cancel is made to

Access for 1, Paid monthly





Access for 1, Paid yearly (with 1 Month free)


Custom Plan

Call us for custom access for larger organizations

Leverage our powerful search to blend educational, professional, and demographic data to identify and connect with those who will succeed within your organization.

Talent Finder

* talent starter is a subscription based service which auto renews every 30 days until a request to cancel is made to

Veterans contribute unique experiences, skills, backgrounds, and ideas to any workforce. RallyPoint's Talent Solutions help our partners facilitate a diverse and inclusive workforce.

*RallyPoint is listed as an official resource for veteran hiring by OFCCP

Employee Analytics

With 1.8 M+ registered members, we may be able to tell you a thing or two about the veterans within your organization. Find out who's succeeding and use that data to refine your recruiting efforts, and increase retention.

Veteran ERG (Closed-group) & Analytics

Create an Employee Resource Group for your veteran employees – or update your current one – and connect this group on a deeper level.

  • Create a community for your veteran employees

  • Share content with this group

  • Allow for organic conversation & mentorships

  • Gain insight into veteran workforce – most represented Branch, Specialty/MOS, Pay Grade, Location, Educational Background, and Current Job Title

  • Close the loop and start recruiting veterans with specific backgrounds more strategically

Gain insight on your veteran workforce through analytics:

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