Advertise to the military. More than 1.5 million current and former service-members of the U.S. military gather to discuss military life, share information, and exchange stories.

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Create an innovative approach to uniquely position your brand

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Build brand recognition among a targeted population on mobile and desktop

Custom Solutions

Sponsor discussions among the military members most relevant to your brand

Target conversations on relevant topics and discussions

Like a query submitted to a search engine, questions asked by the member base on RallyPoint reveal members' motive, intent and plan.

RallyPoint Data


1.5 M+ members with a minimum of 7 first-party data points: Name, Email, Location, Branch, Rank, Specialty (MOS), and Military Status.


Our proprietary 'affinity' algorithm develops detailed multi-point interest profiles by monitoring members actual content consumption.


Public member-to-member interactions /mo.

Pieces of content consumed /mo.

As a discussion platform catering to an audience with shared experiences, RallyPoint is able to achieve exceptional engagement rates.

Member Engagement




Segment our vast membership to make sure you pair the best candidate with the right degree.


Leverage our first-party data to promote products and services around key life events.

Media Agencies


Buy media like you always have, against an audience that's difficult to reach. 

Financial Services

Take risk out of the game - get in front of a verified audience, and make sure you’re seen.


Opportunity Highlights

Share knowledge and health related opportunities at scale. 

Engage with our community to hire analytically and not just philanthropically.

Off-Site Products

In addition to demographic data, RallyPoint captures interest and intent data through 200K+ member-generated conversations about military life, education, career transitions, family, personal finance, and personal interests.

Reach targeted member-segments directly with a clear call-to-action 

Servicemembers, Veterans, Reserves, and military family members complete comprehensive profiles - resulting in a rich database of first-party data on the military community.

Data Segments

Check your DSP provider for our syndicated "RallyPoint" segments or schedule a call with our team to discuss custom segment options!

Advertise to RallyPoint members wherever they go on the internet

Direct Emails

Display your jobs to tens of thousands of qualified candidates each month and use our precision targeting tags to make sure your opportunity gets in front of the right veterans.

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Leverage our powerful search to blend educational, professional, and demographic data to identify and connect with those who will succeed within your organization.

Talent Finder


Call us for custom access for larger organizations


Access for 1, Paid monthly 

Access for 1, Paid yearly (with 1 Month free)



Leverage RallyPoint's Talent Finder Search to recruit the right candidate!


Employee Analytics

With 1.5M+ registered members, we may be able to tell you a thing or two about the veterans within your organization. Find out who's succeeding and use that data to refine your recruiting efforts, and increase retention.

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