Marketing Solutions


To become a RallyPoint member, users must identify: military status, branch, rank/pay grade (income level), location and specialty.  Profiles allow for 24+ personalized data points including civilian career and educational status.


RallyPoint members develop 'affinity' to topics (discussion topics, ranks, branches, specialties, duty stations, units, etc.) on our network, based on what they read and interact with.  This passive profiling helps our partners understand how to communicate with their demographically ideal audience.

Data Breakdown


RallyPoint's forums exist as the backbone of millions of pages of content, allowing RallyPoint to develop both passive and active intent profiles for our members. Marketers can leverage categories including professional interest, educational pursuits, financial needs, and many more.


As a discussion platform catering to an audience with shared experience, RallyPoint is able to achieve exceptional engagement rates.

Pieces of content consumed /mo.



Public member-to-member interactions /mo.


Sponsored posts like you've never seen before.

Native Advertising

Reach your desired audience in a direct and personal capacity.

Dedicated Email

Contextual Advertising

Expose your advertising to those who have relevant interest, or have expressed the intent you’re looking for.

Display Advertising

Standard IAB units: 728x90, 160x600, 300x250. 

Mobile and Desktop inventory available.



Segment our vast membership to make sure you pair the best candidate with the right degree:

Target by military backgrounds you know lead to academic success

Reach service members a few months before their date of separation 

Connect with potential graduate students who already possess an undergraduate degree 

We’re proud to be working with Penn State, Columbia, Mississippi State, Northeastern University, etc.


Leverage our first-party data, including pay grade (HHI) information, to reach members with the most helpful products. Targeting includes:


Income levels

Our member profiles display military pedigree and detailed intent data. This helps you connect with members across all of life’s big events:

Permanent change of station (PCS) moves



Public or Private Sector promotion

Media Companies

Buy media like you always have, against an audience you’ve never reached before. 

Leverage first to market solutions, and first party data at scale

Reach members with native ads and capitalize on in-feed impressions

First Party Reporting

Wow your clients with demographic and engagement data they’ve never seen from passive engagement before

Government Contractors

Take risk out of the game - get in front of a verified audience, and make sure you’re seen

Target the COC - make sure your message gets in front of the exact rank and specialty you need to influence

Connect with the units that influence your business - engage them passively through sponsored discussion and directly through native ad based conversation

High Tech

Target the technical experience you want by leveraging MOS’ our best and brightest are already heavily invested in. Layer on security clearance for added value.

Partner with RallyPoint

Meet your business goals and help service members and veterans lead more successful and fulfilling lives.

Hire a Veteran

Meet your veteran hiring goals by connecting with the best candidates for your organization.